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What is SIM Hosting?

SIM Hosting is a service where by your SIM Card is located in our data centre and running 24x7 without having your own computer / server or GSM device.Your will be given a Web Application to access your incoming SMS and outgoing SMS remotely anytime anywhere through internet connections.

About Us

Wireless Messaging Sdn Bhd was established in October 2003 with the intention of providing quality software/services to businesses in need of IT and also providing mobile content and services for the wireless device market.

How to save cost?

Please find the following URL to download our Calculator program to check how SIMHosting2u.com helps you to save money. Click here to download the calculator.

How can we help?

Enjoy best SMS rate in the market

Intelligent SMS routing feature to enjoy best SMS rate provide by Telco.

Increase your sale by double

Run mobile marketing campaign easily. Deliver new product/service information to customers.

Powerful SMS System

2-Ways SMS system with auto response, SMS Scheduler, SMS Personalization & Mobile Number grabber.


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